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Full suspension, 4.8" Schwalbe Jumbo Jim tires, derailleur or internal Rohloff hub drives, and it even folds. All season, all terrain. Inspired by Maria's record breaking Arctic Trike, based on the ICE Adventure HD chassis. Built to order means virtally any custom request is possible. Deliveries begin January 2015.

Maria's Record Breaking ICE Super Adventure YouTube Video


Full suspension, Alfine 11 internal hub / Schlumpf Mountain drivetrain, robust Schwalbe Jumpin Jack tires, and Ergon BioKork grips set the theme for this Moab crawling trike of Jack Jenkins dreams.

Photos by Jack Jenkins


The Adventure series is suited for touring and is an excellent choice for cruising along your favorite trails. The Ergo Flow mesh seat sets the stage with ergonomic side bolsters, contoured bottom pad, and zipper sealed upper compartment. The Adventure comes in 3 series, Adventure is a hard tail with a folding frame. The Adventure RS adds rear suspension along with component upgrades and a broader gear range. The Adventure FS is full suspension, and the Adventure FS+ steps the components up one final level to SRAM TT500 bar end shifters, 9-34 10 speed cassette, hydraulic disc brakes, and standard disc parking brake. All details are shown side by side in our Specifications and Prices link below.

What brings a lot of people to the Adventure is the unique seat / crank relationship compared to other "tadpole" trikes. At 12", the seat height is at least 4.5" higher than many tadpole designs so getting in and out is easier. The crank position is lower than your hips as well, so if you always liked the tadpole format, but preferred the lower crank position, the Adventure is your trike.

Top line Schwalbe tires are included. An adjustable seat angle range of 44-49 degrees. Ground clearance is 7", so off road temptations along the way are an easy choice.

ICE Road Response rear suspension has 4" of travel and anti squat geometry for hill climbing integrity. Ice Road Response front suspension features a leading link design, 1.57" of travel with built in anti dive geometry for smoothness without drama.

Folded dimensions:

37.4-46.5" L x 31.3" W x 22.4 - 24.8" H depending on format.

Exact details at the Specification and Prices link.


Your midlife crisis tour.........

ICE Adventure YouTube Video

AZUB. From the Czech Republic, a recumbent company focused on expedition recumbent cycles. When Honza from AZUB visited us with 3 cycles, we were impressed with the high quality workmanship, beefy construction, especially in critical areas like the rear swing arm area where AZUB has tried as many as 22 variations in the design process of some models. A universal AZUB quality is their amazingly quiet drive train systems.


Our experience with the AZUB MAX was the solid feel of the bike from its stout design, excellent handing on pavement, and its capabilities off road from the 41" wheelbase giving heel strike free maneauverability not possible in other SWB recumbent designs. 26" and 24" wheel formats. Dual suspension options with real mountain bike forks.


The adventure / expedition cycling philosophy of AZUB

9 standard satin finish color choices



4 AZUB fundementals: Aluminum frame with stout fittings for seat, steering, rear triangle, and rack. The super strong assymetrical rear triange structure with oversize pivot bearing. Super quiet fully floating rear idler. Unique cockpit control placement with trigger shifting and brake levers operating from the traditional position. Unique to recumbents with USS. (Both ASS and USS available).

The new Shimano Alfine 11 internal hub drive, silent shifts, no derailleur, with a single trigger shifter that covers the range of a triple crank system!

Alfine 11 Movie!


TRIcon Rohloff set up for back country use with Schwalbe 2" Black Jack tires, 4 pannier rack system, oversize 90mm drum brakes, and wider fenderset.

The TRIcon is AZUB's top line trike that is first class in handling, beautiful construction and ultimate compact dimensions for travel and transport. A more rearward weight bias improves off road traction compared to other trikes.

AZUB's integrates a mountain bike rear suspension into the TRIcon. You can choose either the standard coil/oil or the oil / air. Overall strength is supported by the large diameter pivot axis along with the position of the shock absorber.

Ultra Touring worthy rear rack. Fits 2 pairs(4) of panniers.

"UltraFold" 33.5" x 28" x 13.4"

Curved cross tube for easy entry and exit

Super rugged splined handlebar interface, no slippage!


Note: This was a limited run project and they sold out! If you have interest in a Ramber Fat, please call us, we have 2 available.

TerraTrike Introduces World’s First Production “Fat” Trike

The Rambler “Fat.” This limited edition “Fat” option features hand built Velocity wheels (using their tried-and-true Psycho rims) and 20x4-1/4 inch tires and tubes all around. The fat trike also only uses the Sturmey-Archer 8 speed internally geared hub to offer better ground clearance and the optimal amount of gears needed. The Rambler “Fat” is available now in very limited quantities paired with the Orange Rambler 8.

The Rambler “Fat” was developed to offer customers a better option for off-road and all-weather triking. The cushy balloon tires can be filled to 40 psi for smooth trails, or to as low as 10 psi to gain traction over rocky paths and dunes. TerraTrike recommends riders carry a mini-pump along to adjust the pressure and get the best performance across different types of terrain.



After a season of real world excursions into the Michigan woods with 7 different configurations of wheel size combo's, Terratrike introduces the AllRoad Rambler and Sportster trikes.

The secret sauce turned out to be 24." What you see here are 507 format 24" wheels with a special double wall rim of extra width. This diameter rolls over the rough stuff easier and raises ground clearance to keep the obstacles well away from the frame. Tires were given equal scrutiny where the Schwalbe Land Rover 2" wide format rose to the top. Bite when you need it in the soft stuff, and a rib like center so when you're on the hard pack or pavement, your AllRoad rolls.



Rans' Crank Forward lineup continues to refine and expand. These bikes fuse elements of an upright bike with elements of the recumbent.  For off road the Alterra geometry is the most nimble and off road worthy. The Sequoia a more in the saddle idea but maintaining steering agility.


Here’s how the personalities break out:


New Alterra 29r w/ 2 5/8 x 2 1/4 downtube set up as Adventure Touring cycle.



Swinging to the opposite world, the Alterra 29 is an easy to enjoy mountain bike with in and out of the saddle capabilities without the wedgie butt. Compact drive cranks keep the ground clearance up, rolling over the rough stuff with ease.

7005 heat treated TIG welded frame is standard. Angletech Spec features top line SRAM XX, Velocity Blunt, and Avid Elixer components.

alterra seat


Rans had a 6'7 guy on staff. He needed a Crank Forward of his scale. The Sequoia was born. A Dynamik spec bike done for the big guy.

Longer rear oversize stays and oversize down tube deliver power without flex. Weight distribution improves for the tall rider, placing more weight toward the front. Curved down top tube makes it easier to get on and off, especially with a load.


This Sequoia in Frost Blue shown with options: Sykes Zebrawood fenders and bottle cage, Redline Mag Platform pedals, Rock Shox fork, B37 Bars, IRD Thumbie shifters, Avid BB7 disc brakes, Schwalbe Marathon Supreme 26 x 2 tires, Silicone Grips, and Rans Rack.