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950 cu. in.
Angletech Trunk




1. Comfort. Most people are first drawn to the recumbent due to "hanging bike syndrome", whereby the upright bike has been hanging vertically on the garage wall because of unpleasant physical effects from past use. The recumbent bicycle will allow you to ride a bike pain free in the following ways:

-- No sore butt, even the day after.

-- No numb hands, wrist pressure, or carpal tunnel abuse.

-- No neck pain.

-- No back pain. Frequently, customers who have had back surgery find the recumbent comfortable.

-- No prostate pressure. Many men are off the bike due to this more common than you might think situation. See impotence article in Aug 1997 Bicycling. Women have other issues in this area as well.

2. Fun. When you’re not focusing on repositioning yourself to get more comfortable, you can enjoy the ride!

3. Safety.

-- You can easily see traffic situations in plenty of time, and you can put your feet on the ground for an emergency stop without dismounting from the bike.

-- Your head is safer too, as flying over the handlebars is not part of recumbent cycling.

4. Speed. Depending on the format you choose, a recumbent can be faster than an upright. This especially becomes apparent on a downhill or into a head wind where wind resistance takes its toll.

They come in such a variety of formats, which type will work for me?

-- SWB: Short wheelbase. If you find it easier to identify with a recumbent that has a dimension in common with your upright, the SWB is it! Typically 40-49 inches in wheelbase, the SWB bikes are easy to maneuver, generally fast, and have a high crank position that helps in hill climbing by most accounts. The proper front end geometry delivers solid stability at speed. Examples: Rans V Rex, Rocket, Force 5, Challenge, Haluzak, Bacchetta Giro, Strada, Corsa, Giro TT.

-- Medium, or "Compact": Typically a 52-60 inch wheelbase bike, the Medium format is considered the city bike of recumbents. The easiest recumbent to ride the first time, they are a great "grab my bike for an errand" cycle, with a wheelbase more maneuverable in traffic than a LWB; they are a good commuter, and some models have a folding capability for travel and storage. They are not known for performance.

-- LWB: This stands for long wheelbase. Typically a 63-70 inch wheelbase bike, the long wheelbase is good for open country touring. Generally these bikes have an easy to use low crank position, provide a comfortable ride, and are aerodynamic in the above seat steer (ASS) format. Examples: Rans V3, Formula, Stratus, Stratus XP, Easy Racer TiRush, Fold Rush, Gold Rush, Tour Easy, Longbikes Slipstream. 

-- Tandem: 2 seats to go! Rans Seavo & Screamer, are considered SWB format.

-- Trikes: We build the QuadraPed for dual body or upper body exercise. The Greenspeed GT3, GT5, X5, GTO,  Sun X-3, X-3 USX, Terratrike, Greenspeed GTT/GTV for lower body emphasis. Trikes are excellent for year round use, stable and visible. All are readily formatable for special needs applications too.


There are a variety of seat types:


-- Foam pad base and back. Easy Racer Cobra seat, Velokraft Carbon on Bacchetta & Challenge, Challenges Aluminum ventilated seat.

-- Mesh backrest with lumbar curve, foam pad base. A breathable back with a 2" padded base (Rans, Easy Racer Kool Back, Bacchetta, ).

-- Full mesh back and base.  Greenspeed, Terratrike, ICE, Bacchetta Euromesh, Rans Hoagie.

Handlebar position.

-- ASS,  Above seat steering is usually thought of in terms of what you see on a long wheelbase bike like a Rans Stratus or Tour Easy. They are aerodynamic in most cases, and give you a familiar place to grip. Mounting your computer, mirror, and bell is easy. The best of these is the Rans Chopper bar with telescopic and rotational adjustment found on Stratus and StratusXP , the Rans B37 bars found on the V3 series, and the Easy Racers handlebars.

-- ASS, Preying Mantis. Preying Mantis has a "T" shaped handlebar that is comfortable and convenient for mirror, computer and other accessories. Your hands are in a "no reach" forearms distance from the body along with a low enough position to be as relaxed as any steering system available with tilt adjustment to fine tune the fit, and enter and exit the bike easily. Examples: Rans V Rex,  Screamer, and Challenges full line.

-- ASS, Open Cockpit. Otherwise known as OC. It has become familiar over the last 5 years. This has a more "open feel", with a reach to the bars of about 3" over the Preying Mantis. Hand position is vertical rather than horizontal, with a more open arm position. Available in fixed and adjustable/tilt stems. Examples: Bacchetta, Challenge, Rans SWB's, Seavo & Screamer tandem, and V3 LWB.

-- USS. Below seat steer. This adopts an arms at your side approach. It is generally a relaxed position.  There is more wind resistance due to more frontal area on some, the exception is Challenge which uses a slimmer close to the body design. Indirect w/ tie rod linkage is always best,  direct steer examples are less stable at speed. Examples:  Challenge, Greenspeed, X-3 USX, ICE.


We represent an assortment of quality recumbent companies, if the one you’re looking for is not listed, please ask.

Our mission is to provide you with your "dream bike" so don't hesitate to call with how you'd like your bike configured.



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